Hi, my name is John, and I will turn 25 tomorrow. Looking back at the last two years of my life is a bit surreal. A lot has changed since I joined the Audacity Capital Hidden Talents Program. I have always had a major drive to succeed and do something meaningful in my life. However, I was always frustrated by the limited options that life seems to have provided me especially with my limited resources and skills.

I just recently closed my fourth consecutive profitable month, and I earned aggregate revenue that I had never thought I could achieve.

With the mentoring offered through the Hidden Talents Program, becoming trader who is able to narrow down my focus into something that I like and I am good at has been easy. I have had challenges in my journey of becoming trader. However, due to the quality mentoring, the peaks I experience continue to be higher and this gives me the confidence to continue trading.

I appreciate all the tough love that your program mentors have given me with this trading career opportunity. I had to realise that sometimes, tough love is important to get people to perform to their full potential. Without it, I might never have realized my dream.

I want to thank you so much for this trading career opportunity. All the coaching you gave me has been a lot of help. I am confident that you will grow to be one of the best high-performance trading firms in the world. When I really make it, I will be sure to tell anyone who cares to listen that it was the Hidden Talents Program, which gave me my first break as a trading professional. I would like to add that they gave me this chance despite of my young age.