My name is Diego Armondo and I was born in Venezuela in a little city called Tucupita in Orinoco’s Delta. I was quite bright in high school and I managed to get into the Universidad Central de Venezuela where I studied medicine. My goal was to serve my people amidst the humanitarian crisis developing in my nation due to failed socialist policies. I graduated as an Internal Medicine Specialist and at around the same time I was blessed with twins.

Five years later, I had my third child and was forced to move to Colombia due to the worsening situation in my home country so that I could provide for my family. I saw an ad on trading on Facebook and I became curious. I looked up videos online and read books about various strategies. Shortly after, I started trading with demo accounts in stocks and the forex market. I tested various strategies before I finally settle on one that gave me consistent results.

To increase my profitability, I educated myself on fundamentals and money management; it took me three years to acquire these skills. My strategy was following swing trends and placing fib levels to place stop loss and take profits. With the right combination of SMA crossover, RSI, PSAR, MACD, and Stoch, it gave me an edge to take profits during swings and trends with large timeframes, which were daily or weekly.

My money management skills, which I learned before I could get funding for forex trading have been my most valuable asset; I never used more than 0.5% of my capital in a single trade. I have recently become funded trader and things are working out great thus far. Upon Joining funded trader program, sometimes I experience a whirlwind of emotions as I go through profits and losses. However, I use these opportunities to learn and improve my profits.

With my situation as an immigrant, I use most of my earnings to cover the basic needs of my family. Since I did not have any savings, I was quite glad when Audacity Capital believed in me. I get funding for forex trading, which has allowed me to utilise my skills to increase my profits.

My advice for others who wish to become better traders is to work hard and develop the right skills by joining funded trader program where you can develop your skills with the aid of professionals. The money management skills I have learned at audacity Capital and emotional management have helped me succeed since I become funded trader. I aim to spread the right trading skills in Latin America