Elliott Waves Strategy One Day Course

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If you wish to become a trader, the Elliot Waves strategy will prove quite useful. It will teach you how you can predict the stock market. This course takes a close look at the Elliott Waves theory, which links the prices at the stock market to crowd psychology.

The course is a drill of real-life scenarios, charts, practical examples, and tools to make analysis that help you make an accurate prediction of how the market will behave using the Elliot Waves Strategy. At the end of the course, you should have all the techniques and tools that you need to make an independent market forecast and analysis.

Who Can Take This Class

If you plan to improve your trading, this class is for you. It works especially well for swing traders who wish to gain an understanding of how markets behave. The course is also great for traders looking to reduce their reliance on luck and lean more on scientific decision making.

Course overview

• Elliot Waves Theory
• Charting platform
• Motive waves
• Impulsive waves
• Guidelines
• Fibonacci ratios
• Predicting markets
• Case studies

The Syllabus

Morning Session

On the first day, when you start the course to improve your trading, you will get an introduction to the theory. You will learn what the theory states, the principles, as well as the concepts. Learners are also going to be taken through the Elliot Cycle; it will help them know how to apply the method.

After that, you will learn about the various types of impulsive waves. You learn how to measure an impulsive wave and how the different types of waves work.

The course will teach you about corrective waves. Besides that, you will learn of the different categories of zigzag and how triangles can be enlarged or reduced. A learner will be taught who to differentiate between impulsive and motive corrective waves. Additionally, learners get to understand the X waves while gaining an in-depth understanding of corrections in the X-waves and how corrections can be run.

Afternoon Session

The guidelines on quality and alteration will be explained to you. You will be taught how to analyse using the Elliot wave theory, which may be a down or top analysis. Additionally, you learn how to use step-by-step deduction when conducting a market analysis. You will also learn about the Fibonacci ratios.

Afterward, you will learn how you can combine them with different wave patterns and trade setups. This way, you can predict how the market will behave accurately. At the end of it, you will learn how to become a trader using the Elliot Waves theory. You will be able to measure waves and utilise different Waves strategies to predict the market. Additionally, using tools such as the Fibonacci ratios to predict corrections will be easy.

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