Oil Futures Trading One Day Course

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About the course

This course on oil futures trading will explore the relatively new oil futures trading concept. It will emphasise how you can make money in oil futures.

You will learn how you can manage risk by being good at negotiating contracts, which have a set price for planned oil deliveries. If you already sell oil futures, you will learn how you can lock crude oil prices and how to secure hedges. For buyers, you will learn how you can get favourable prices for future oil needs.

For speculators who want to become a oil trader with consistent results, you will learn how you can cushion yourself from losses to ensure that you are profitable and competitive.

Who Should Take This Course?

The course is designed for speculators, buyers, and seller in oil futures. Besides that, it works great for Forex traders that wish to expand their horizons.

Course overview

• Introduction to the basic
• How to buy oil futures
• How to sell oil futures
• How to draw oil futures contracts
• Price hedging against rising prices
• Price hedging against dropping prices
• Ordinary stocks versus futures
• How to trade on financial markets
• Understanding the risks of trading in oil futures


Morning Session

You are introduced to commodity and financial futures in general before heading into oil futures. In the course, you are taught about futures and where you can trade futures. Additionally, you will learn who the stakeholders are in this sector.
The course teaches you how to draw oil futures contracts. At the end of it, you will have learned how to pick contract sizes, specifications, and value. Besides that, you will be taught about the symbols used in oil futures contracts.

Afternoon Session

You will learn how you can leverage margins to get the most capital efficiency. Learners also get to know how they can initiate and maintain their margins. You will be taught how you can manage margins in all market conditions. Additionally, you are taught about the different order types and how you can market them. Besides that, this course teaches you how to stop an order and exit the oil futures market.

Oil futures have risks and you will learn how to manage the risks. You learn about the dynamics of the volatile market and learn which are the best styles to use. Whether you want to trade in crude or heating oil futures, this course will teach you how to become a oil trader with all the tools, knowledge, and techniques you require to succeed.

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