Taking this course will teach you the following:

  • Understand the mind’s two modes of operation

  • Understand your relationship with fear

  • Learn the importance of our beliefs, perspectives and focus

  • How to trade in the present moment

Course curriculum

    1. A Word From Our CEO

    2. Introduction

    3. Trading Psychology Masterclass Workbook

    1. Module 1: The Foundations

    2. Module 2: Uncertainty

    3. Module 3: 5 Whys

    4. Module 4: Understanding the Mind

    5. Module 5: Cognitive Bias

    6. Module 6: Understanding the Mind Part 2

    7. Module 7: Focus

    1. Module 8: The Four Fears Behind Most Mistakes

    2. Module 9: The Habit Loop

    3. Module 10: What Makes a Good Process

    1. Module 11: The Importance of Meditation

    2. Module 12: Mindful Trading

    3. Module 13: The Connection Between The Mind and Body

    1. Meditation

    2. Conclusion

    3. Q&A

About this course

  • £349.00
  • 19 lessons

Discover your potential, starting today

Live Group Sessions

Trading for yourself can be lonely – we understand this and have created an option where you can work with Sanjeev in a group setting. In these sessions, you’ll not only benefit from the ongoing accountability, but you’ll get to meet and network with others also committed to the process of becoming a better trader.

Each session will be open to any member attending live or alternatively, they will be recorded and archived to watch at any time at your convenience. That means regardless of your daily work/life schedule, you will have means to benefit from these group sessions in a way that works for you.

During these sessions, there will be a focus on 3 key elements:
  • Q&A
  • Expansion
  • Challenges
  • Trader Reviews

    “I was looking for a prop firm that could give me 1 to 1 mentoring, where they have a trading floor I can visit. The biggest benefit the Hidden Talents Program offers is that I can talk to my mentor all the time.”


    “I studied in the field of economics and I wanted a career in the industry where I want to have the freedom instead of the 9-5 job, which is why I joined the Hidden Talents Program. I learned a great deal from 1 to 1 mentoring session with John, as well as with our group sessions with other traders. Compared to trying to do it on my own, I noticed that there was more to trading after I joined the program. Before I wasn’t doing too well and now I’m trading really well and I’m glad.”


    “I found this a good experience to move forward in my trading career. This helped me a lot to work on my skills and personality. I would recommend this trading firm because they give you the opportunity to improve yourself and most especially, get knowledge about trading that you wouldn't get on YouTube.”


    “The Hidden Talents Program was a great mix of studying a course and then getting funding afterwards. From day 1, it was really practical - looking at different trades. I took my knowledge to a higher level and I think that's the best investment you can do. Invest in your knowledge.”


    “I wanted to improve on the mental aspect of my trading - Keeping a good edge over my decision-making, being logical and not rational and AudaCity has really helped me further myself.”


    “I treat this as a job. If you think about it I came here and I didn't have any work experience and now I feel like I'm in work. After studying and grasping so much information, the best thing about this is that you can apply the training to real money.”


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